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Pôle d'Or 2020

Alderman of Culture David da Câmara Gomes presented the 22nd Gold Pole to Brother and Sister Nono Battesti and Dyna. As a reminder, the Pôle d'Or is the cultural merit that our City attributes each year to an artist from Brabant Wallon (here, two artists: a dancer-choreographer, an actress / singer) whose notoriety reflects on the province.

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We are proud to annonce you that the creation DOUBLE won the Public Price of the FESTIVAL d'AVIGNON OFF !
" We were lucky to come in Avignon...
" We were lucky to perform in a great theatre...
" We were lucky to be sold out everyday with standing ovation...
" We are lucky to have you by our side ! 
" T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U."



In 2015 Nono Battesti was rewarded by the Braban Wallon for the work he did and will do. 

This Award was in the CULTURE category.